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Tuesday June 21 ~ Ride Day 7

Tuesday June 21 ~ Ride Day 7

Natchez Traceway, Brice’s Crossroads and Shiloh National Military Center

This morning I didn’t ride because I replaced the blown tire on the trailer. Not sure if U got that tweet. Will find the photo & tweet it. Philip @CooperTire of Tupelo did a fantastic job of coming from behind the counter & fixing in quickly. what service!

Suepinda, Ife, Mahlique and I caught up with the cyclists at our designated rest stop overlooking the Native American burial mounds. Most of the cyclists passed the time it took for us to get to them by walking the mile or two necessary to reach the mounds. Pictures don’t indicate the distance they walked that morning but I tried to capture it by giving the perspective in size of Mahlique and Ife as they walked out toward the others.

From that point I joined the Youth Cyclists and began our way down the Natchez Traceway.  We made it about 4-5 miles when the drizzle began; Suepinda had just past us in the van.  We continued on. In another mile the rain became heavier and we discussed pulling off but there was no rest area on the Traceway.  Two more miles and we were in a complete dogs and cats downpour. We stopped so that I could wrap my camera and phone and make an attempt to call Suepinda. I had no signal but Bob did. As we ducked under the trees that aligned the road to call Suepinda pulled up.  She had been waiting just 200 ids up the road for us. When she told us that we got on our bikes and rode the small distance to the stopping point, secured our bikes on the trailer and jumped into the van. She had prepared our seats with towels already; she’s such a great planner.

From the rainout our ride day was done so the decision was made to head down SR 142 west toward Shiloh National Military Park. Shiloh was a great place to visit with a fantastic fountain that flowed water from the words of the Constitution through the turbulent waters of the Civil War culminating in stones representing the three amendments to the Constitution adopted at war’s end to form a bridge of reunification.

After visiting Shiloh headed to Memphis for an overnight stay with my sister. There we were treated to a grillout with friends of her visiting to wish us well on our journey. We also used this time to regroup and plan the next few days.

Spoke ‘n Revolutions Youth Cycling UGRR Tour 2011 ~ Visit the nation’s National Parks. 
Let’s Move Outside!

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