Changing Lives and Bringing History to Life, One Revolution at a Time!

Kyvon – June 21 – Memphis

When we went to Memphis, we saw multiple people riding bikes for the first time on the trip.

This was also the first time I had ever been to Memphis, or even Tennessee for that matter. After a short ride we arrived at Kevin’s sister’s house, and we received FedEx WOW medals for coming this far on our journey. When we finished the “award ceremony”, we went inside and waited for the food to finish cooking. When the food was done, we all ate.

After a good nights sleep we woke up, and went to a park so that we could take pictures of buffalo, but we had to cut the pictures short because it started to rain. When it stopped raining, when went to the civil rights museum, which was built around Lorraine Motel, where Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. While being in that museum, I was able to learn about the civil rights movement in more detail.


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