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The Road Underground – June 18 Ride Day 4

The Road Underground – June 18 Ride Day 4


Is it a blur to you as well?  Maybe not.  I can’t believe its been 6 days now!

OK, tempers are starting to flare. It’s to be expected; we’re in a van packed full of bags, gear, people and WATER. It’s only natural that attitudes spring up. It’s part of the learning process of each of us. I learn of you, you of me and we of each other. It’ll be alright. Psychology in a petri dish 101.

I’m having a hard time keeping up with the updates. It is now 4:40am and I’m 40 mins off my mark and I have so much to say about June 18. There are no pictures on the SnR site because I have to massage them before they go up due to the raw size which is too much of an extra step during this “need every minute I have” process.

We started from the Selma YMCA early and was on the road quicker than most days. The Youth Cyclists are improving their timing in breaking down their bedding and packing the van. Ms. Yasmine McKinney and her wonderful staff led by Teal (sp) treated us wonderfully with a large and delicious spaghetti dinner. Ms. McKinney has some heartbreaking personal stories that she relayed to Sue. I won’t paraphrase it here but suffice it to say that they remind you that you’re in the south and while there’s a great deal of progress some things are still in need of improvement for people of color.

The weather was humid and warm. The temperature has not reached 80*F yet, so we’re starting off on a good note. Driving from Selma we cut out about 20 miles of hills in order to stay somewhat on schedule. Our “way stations” being off the historical path sometimes puts us an hour away. Selma was 63 miles from the mapped path. Add that to the 2 hours it takes to get up and get the van packed, we’ve already eaten into our most cool part of the day. And its not even 8am yet!

So, we dropped down just north of Demopolis and began riding. Stopped for a small break and me Mrs. Brown who let us use their facilities at the park. Then on to Gainesville. The town with the first Black female mayor.

Time’s up.. 5am… will have to wake the cyclists and start packing. Today, breakfast is provided for us by a church group in Pickensville, AL. 10 miles away. We’re getting there by bike.

Spoke ‘n Revolutions Youth Cycling UGRR Tour 2011 ~ Visit the nation’s National Parks. 
Let’s Move Outside!

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